PHN Vaccines 

Pediatric Health Network (PHN) Vaccines, part of PHN Services, brings together more than 1,600 pediatricians in the National Capitol Region to provide value-added services and programs. PHN Vaccines improves regional pediatric care and collaboration through group purchasing arrangements, including best-in-class pricing for vaccines under our service.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every pediatrician join a vaccine group purchase program to better manage this ever-increasing practice expense. PHN Vaccines offers its members the region’s best-in-class pricing for the full CDC-ACIP recommended schedule of vaccines. Our member practices can save thousands in annual vaccine purchase expense – and that’s important to your practice bottom line.

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Join PHN Vaccines

Enrollment in PHN Vaccines is free to pediatricians and licensed health care providers in good standing, with a focus on the Washington, D.C. area and the mid-Atlantic region. Interested practices need to complete a member application form and appropriate contract participation forms for individual vendors. Participating practices can choose to participate in any or all PHN Services programs and contracts and will be held accountable to individual contract terms. Per the terms of these agreements, PHN Services will remove a member practice from any PHN Services contract or overall membership for failure to comply with contract terms.