About Us

The Pediatric Health Network is a clinically integrated network (CIN), a collection of health care providers, such as physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals, that work together to improve patient care and reduce overall health care cost.

Our Vision
The Pediatric Health Network (PHN) will transform the health of our region’s children through coordinated and collaborative care among pediatric primary care, specialty, hospital and community partners.

Our Mission
The Pediatric Health Network will:

  • Improve quality of care, including the promotion of best practices and evidence-based approaches to increase quality and reduce variability of care across the provider network,
  • Improve patient satisfaction through engagement with patients and families,
  • Manage cost while demonstrating value by prioritizing initiatives that achieve the right care in the right place at the right time, and
  • Elevate provider and care team experience through provider, practice and network infrastructure resources and support across the continuum of care.

Why Join the

Pediatric Health Network

Data sharing, best practices and innovative strategies for shared care between pediatric primary care and specialty providers.

The Need for a Pediatric-Focused Clinically
Integrated Network

The national health care landscape is undergoing a major transition towards value-based care: where physicians and hospitals are paid based on quality outcomes rather than the current fee-for-service model. Children’s National believes that building strong partnerships with community pediatricians is the best way to prepare for a value-based future – one that is positioned to address the unique challenges face by the pediatric population.

The quality metrics and clinical programs often adopted by adult CINs are not well-suited to children, or to pediatric practices. Typical clinical programs around congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and COPD are not applicable to children. A pediatric network, though, can include specific programs for clinically integrated pediatric care coordination across the continuum, pediatric medical homes, and the management and prevention of diseases that start in childhood, such as asthma, obesity and behavior disorders.

How to join the Pediatric Health Network

Pediatric Health Network participation is contracted at the practice level rather than by individual physicians. Interested practices will sign a participation agreement and complete a membership form to apply to join. Our staff uses this information to verify the credentials of your practice’s physicians and other licensed billing providers as a matter of compliance.

Read our FAQs to learn about the clinical, contracting and technological aspects of joining the Pediatric Health Network.

For more information, or to request a meeting to discuss participation, please use our contact form.