2021 Virtual Business of Pediatrics
Tuesday, December 7 @ 8:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

This year’s Business of Pediatrics topics will highlight how our pediatric practices are adapting and adopting lessons learned from the COVID pandemic.  What does the new model of pediatric practice look like? Get practical perspective from local and national experts.

Planned topics include:

  • Transforming pediatric practice (Sue Kressly)
  • Pediatric practice performance (Pandemic and beyond) (Chip Hart)
  • Mental Health Crisis for Children, Families and Pediatric Practices
  • Integrating Mental Health Services into Pediatric Practice
  • Teenagers, Health Care & the Law
  • Balancing Your Work Family and Your REAL Family (Work-Life Balance)

We appreciate that our pediatric practices are extremely busy meeting surging demand for care and immunizations. We have adapted this year’s program for half-day virtual participation – making it easier for you to attend and learn from our colleagues and national experts.

This year’s information will help you position for recovery and future practice success.  We look forward to your participation!

The Business of Pediatrics is an annual CME conference for community-based primary care pediatricians, as well as office managers and coders. National presenters provide updates on coding, practice management, population health, and emerging trends in care delivery, quality performance and reimbursement. This conference is focused on primary care – not specialty or hospital care.

PHN actively participates in the conference to share success stories from our experts and local practices to over 250 primary care key decision makers in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Past Presentations

Additional Materials from All Sessions: Formal Welcome and Introduction, Mark Weissman, MD Self-care Isn't Selfish: Using Stress Management Techniques to Help You Perform at  Your Best, Jennifer Piela-Timmons Local AAP Chapter Updates, Local AAP Chapter leaders Practice Management in COVID Times and Beyond, Chip Hart 2021 E&M Coding Changes – Part A&B, Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPEDC, CPMA, and Chip Hart  Evolving Back to School Guidance for Pediatric Practices, Nathaniel Beers, MD, MPA, FAAP  The Future of Telemedicine in Pediatric Practice, Ed Fox, MD, Tiffany Meyer, MD and Patricia Kapunan, MD, MPH  2020 Election Impact, AAP President Elect Lee Beers, MD, FAAP and Tonya Kinlow, MPA Additional Materials:
Value-Based Care & Pediatrics, Mark Weissman, MD Turning Data into Actionable Insights for Population Health, Arcadia Demo Delivery on Your Practice Culture, Chip Hart Pediatric Care in the National Capital Region, Terry Lindquist, Diana Abney, MD, and Ellie Hamburger, MD The Business of Adolescents, Patricia Kapunan, MD, and Lisa Tuchman, MD Integrating Behavioral Care into Primary Care Pediatrics, Rachel Bakersmith, Sandy Chung, MD, and Donna Marschall, PhD Patient Engagement, Jenna Vallejo
Value-Based Coding: Turning Knowledge to Payment, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP Success in Value-Based Care, Sandy L. Chung, MD, FAAP, FACHE Improving Your Practice and Bottom Line Through Preventative Care, Chip Hart Do You Work with the Wrong People?, Chip Hart Pediatric CIN: Nest Steps for Quality, Mary Weissman, MD, Dianna Abney, MD, Ellen Hamburger, MD, and Terry Lindquist Vaccine Acceptance: Six Days in September...One Year Later,  Todd Wolynn MD, MMM
Value-Based Coding: Turning Knowledge to Payment, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP The Five Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make, Chip Hart Transforming Pediatric Practice: Right Care, Right Place, Right Time, Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP Getting ready for Telemedicine, Mark Weissman, MD, Eduardo Fox, MD, and Melissa Rojas Immunization Refusal to Vaccinate, Mark Weissman, MD Countering Vaccine Hesitancy, Mark Weissman, MD Pediatric Practice and Vaccine Refusers, Mark Weissman, MD Vaccine Refusers, Todd Wolynn, MD, MMM, IBCLC, and Chad Hermann, MA, PhD
Coding Updates 2016-2017, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP, and Mark Weissman, MD Coding for New Care & Payment Models, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP, and Mark Weissman, MD RBRVS for Pediatrics: How to Assess & Establish Prices, Chip Hart Small Practice vs. Big Practice, Mark Weissman, MD Making Smaller Practices Stronger, Chip Hart Coming Soon to Pediatrics: Telemedicine, Mark Weissman, MD, and Eduardo Fox, MD
Beyond the Basics: Coding for Pediatric Leaders, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP Quality Payment Models & Methods, Joel Bradley, MD, FAAP, and Mark Weissman, MD Pediatric Benchmarks - Why, What and How, Chip Hart Successful Patient Recall Strategies, Chip Hart Patient Engagement, Todd Wolynn, MD, IBCLC, MMM, and Chad Hermann, MA, PhD, ABD