Behavioral Health Initiative

The Behavioral Health Initiative is a collaborative partnership between Children’s National Hospital and the Pediatric Health Network that aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to address mental and behavioral health needs in our regional primary care practice network, recognizing there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Behavioral Health Initiative: Three Key Focus Areas

We focus our efforts on three key areas that we believe will make a major impact on the mental and behavioral health of children and families in the Pediatric Health Network. These focus areas are: 1) behavioral health education and training, 2) care management or coordination, and 3) integrated business models for mental health support in primary care.

This initiative will be integrated with other ongoing efforts within the PHN and will leverage expertise across our network. We plan to create sustainable solutions with measurable impacts to improve the pediatric behavioral health of our population.

If you have questions about the initiative or suggestions for content to include, please contact us at

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Professional Development and Practice Toolkits

Online collections of mental health resources for mental health providers.

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Resources for supporting youth with anxiety problems including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Separation Anxiety Disorder.

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Autism and Intellectual Disability

Resources for supporting youth with autism and/or intellectual disability.

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Tools, including screening instruments and treatment guides, for pediatric depression.

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Early Childhood Mental Health

Early childhood mental health resources for children ages birth to five.

plate of food representing Feeding and Eating Disorders

Feeding and Eating Disorders

Resources for youth with feeding and eating problems, including sensory food aversions, ARFID, anorexia, and bulimia.

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Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Executive Functioning Problems

Rating scales, treatment tools, and other resources for supporting youth with executive functioning problems including ADHD.

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LGBTQ+ Support

Resources for supporting LGBTQ+ youth.

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Mood Dysregulation, Disruptive Behavior, and Aggression

Online resources for pediatricians supporting youth with severe externalizing behaviors.

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Perinatal Mental Health

Provider-facing resources on perinatal mental health issues.

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Provider-facing resources on managing prodromal and early psychosis in youth.

school-based mental health

School-Based Mental Health

Resources that support the social-emotional, psychological, behavioral, and physical health of students in school.

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Substance Use

Resources for supporting families facing issues with substance use.

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Suicidality, Self Harm, and Safety Planning

Resources for supporting youth with safety problems including suicidality and self-harm behaviors.



Resources for supporting youth who have had traumatic experiences, including pain and medical trauma.

Past Presentations

All our didactic webinars are recorded, and the supplemental handouts and guidelines are available for your reference below. We hope you enjoy these materials and are able to join us in future virtual learning opportunities. 

June 6, 2022

Diagnosis and Management of Depression in the Pediatrician’s Office

Presented by: Laura Willing, MD

May 12, 2022

Office Hours: Using ASQ and CSSRS Screening to Triage Care

Presented by: Kelly Register-Brown, M.D.

May 2, 2022

Safety planning and Suicide Prevention in Pediatric Primary Care

Presented by: Kelly Register-Brown, M.D.