PHN Communication Tool Guidelines and Etiquette


  • Remember HIPAA guidelines. Never include patient or personally identifiable information.
  • Do not share financial information such as salaries and hospital charges/reimbursement.
  • The information contained in a group is only intended for community members. Please do not forward or copy a discussion message to anyone outside the platform.


  • Be sure post your message to the relevant channel
  • Please use regular email for one-on-one or personal conversations rather than the communication tool.

Identify the source:

  • Use your real name, rather than a nickname or moniker such as “swimmer29”, in your profile when posting a message to the discussion so others may contact you offline if necessary.
  • If you’re posting a message on behalf of someone else, please identify the person and include contact information if questions or replies should be sent directly to them. (i.e. sharing upcoming webinar information you think may be insightful to the rest of the team)