NEWS July 27, 2022

PHN Welcomes Newest Medical Director: Eduardo Fox, M.D.


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Dear PHN community,

Hola! I hope you all are enjoying summer’s unique rhythm and finding some time for escape – whether it’s a vacation, long dinner out with friends, or a great run. At my house, the family continues to spend a lot of time attempting some dog training though we all know Bodo is truly in charge. In the office, we’re all catching up with families we may not have seen for a while as the kids come back for their yearly visits. I feel these visits highlight the essence of our connection to our patients and the medical home we all share. May these encounters provide us opportunities for improving individual health and affirming our mission as trusted providers.

Over the last couple of months, I started my new role, along with Dr. Claire Boogaard, as a Medical Director of Quality Improvement with the PHN. I have been a member of our pediatric community for over 20 years, having the privilege of being part of some great teams, first at Capital Area Pediatrics in Falls Church until 2015 and then at Children’s National with the Goldberg Center.  At the practice level, like many of you, my efforts included working on EMR implementation, provider compensation and schedules, and budget and financial planning. While at Children’s, I have focused on population and immigrant health, asthma care, and children with medical complexity along with resident education. These experiences provide some perspective on the opportunities of our collaboration through the PHN – for community building and learning, improved pediatric care and health outcomes, and increased efficiency and reimbursement. 

I look forward to getting to meet more of you over the coming months. I would like to recognize my wonderful PHN colleagues and the great foundation built over the last few years (special shout-out to Dr. Ellie Hamburger!). I am thrilled by the opportunity to work closely with Claire and the rest of my QI colleagues in supporting our efforts as a network. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – would love to hear from you.

Hasta luego,

Eduardo Fox, M.D.
Medical Director, PHN